Train Your Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine Removal)

Train Your Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine Removal)

You probably don't have such problems playing video games or browsing on social media on your phone without losing concentration . In fact, you even don't have little question you will sit ahead of screen and do both of these activities for 2 hours or maybe longer without breaking your concentration.  But what about half hour of Studying???

That might be too Hard, How about working on your side business for another Hour? Doesn't Sound too appealing.

Even though you Logically know that studying exercising,building a business or something equally productive,will bring you more benefits in the long term,you still prefer watching TV,playing video games and scrolling through social media one might argue that it obvious,why?. One activity is easy and doesn't require much effort, while the other activity is difficult and it requires you to apply yourself.

But some people seems to have no problems studying,exercising or working on their side projects ,regularly. Which makes the question why are most people motivated  to face difficult things?

And is there a way to make difficult things,easy?

To answer this question,we need to look at the brain neurotransmitter : dopamine.

Dopamine is obtained considered a pleasure molecule dopamine is what makes Desire things. And it's that Desire that gives us motivation to get up and do stuff. If you are not sure how powerful dopamine is, let me introduce you a few experiments: neuroscience Did on rats

The researchers implemented electrodes in the brain of rats whenever the right pulled a Lever, the researchers stimulate the rats reward system in the brain. The result was that rats developed a carving so strong they kept pulling the liver,over and over for hours. The rats would refuse to eat or even sleep they would just kept pressing the liver until they would drop from exhaustion. Then the process just reverse the researchers blocked the release of dopamine in the brain's reward center as a result read become so lethargic that even getting up to get a drink of water was not worth the effort. You could say that the rights lost all will to live.

If an activity release to Little dopamine you won't have much motivation to do it, but if an activity releases a lot of dopamine you will be motivated to repeat it,over and over.

homeostasis which means that our body will like to keep internal physical and chemical condition on a balance level whenever an imbalance will occur our body adapt to it let me give you an example:

When it's cold outside our body temperature falls as a result we start shivering to generate heat and warm the body however when it's hot outside our body temperature rises and we start sweating to lose some of that heat essentially a body is looking to maintain a temperature around 37 degrees Celsius on 98 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what but there is another way homeostasis manifest itself that is through tolerance.

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