Top 5 Selfmade Billionares in india with best Startup ideas

Top 5 Selfmade Billionares in india with best Startup ideas

In todays world, Everyone is giving their best to become a successful in life and want to live a lavish life but the success did not come overnight. You have to give a lot of effort to achieve that success. Start putting too much effort and increase the deserving need of your and achieve that success. So, In this i am sharing top 5 selfmade billionares of india under the age of 40 which help to boost your confidence because if they do then you can also do and if you like the article then make sure you share with your friends, family everywhere and motivate them.

1.Ritesh Agarwal (Age 25).

Ritesh agarwal is very popular in youth because of their fantastic project which he named as "OYO-On Your Own". He saw that people did not get the proper facility in low budget hotels. So he came up with their briliant idea in which he offered very lavish room facility in low budget which is a great revolution.

2.Nikhil Kamath (Age 33).

In india mostly people did not invest in stocks and commodities and many more. So he and his elder brother came up with his zerodha which help people to invest in stocks, commodities at the low cost brokerage value which is becoming the topmost online stocks and commodities company.

3.Bhavish Agarwal (Age 34)

At that time hardly no one is there who don't know bhavish agarwal who is the founder of cab service which he named as OLA. It is similar like uber and Lyft in usa but ola gains too much attention in india through which it is becoming the top most company of india.

4.Binny Bansal (Age 36) and Sachin Bansal (Age 38).

He is Co-founder of a very known e-commerce platform which is flipkart. Flipkart is engaging many people through his offers and sale and through which it is also the rising company of india.

5.Byju Raveendran (Age 38).

Every startup did not get success in one time it takes lot of research and practice as raveendran does, he know that the students will waste too much their time in travelling for tution. So he came up with his online education platform byjus in which the students can learn while sitting at their home which save their precious time.

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