Top 3 sci-fi movies in english for May 2021

Top 3 sci-fi movies in english for May 2021

Now these are the movies which are in English language and I loved watching these movies and hope you will also love it after watching these movies if you interested to comment down below then please copy this URL in your notes so that you can come after watching movies and comment down below so here we go.

Top 3 sci-fi movies of may 2021

Mortal Kombat :

IMDb rating : 7.1

Now this is the movie which is directed by simon MCQuoid. 

Type of movie : 

action / adventure / fantasy / Sci-Fi / thriller

Lead Actor's of mortal Kombat:

  1. Lewis Tan
  2. Jessica McNamee
  3. Josh Lawson
  4. Joe Taslim

Short Summary of Mortal kombat : 

MMA fighter cole young seeks out its greatest champion in order to stand against the enemy of outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe.

The train there champions so that they can save the universe and also the sub zero was introduced in the movie. Also in the movie you will see the fight between Scorpio and sub zero.

Godzilla versus King Kong:

IMDb rating : 6.5
It was directed by Adam wingard. And released in the year of 2021

Type of movie : 

action / Sci-Fi / thriller

Lead actors :

  1. Alexander skarsgård
  2. Millie Vobby Brown
  3. Rebecca Hall 
  4. Brian Tyree Henry

Summary of Godzilla versus King Kong :

The Epic next chapter in the cinematic monsterverse pits two of the greatest iconz in motion picture history against one another the fearsome Godzilla and the the mighty Kong with humanity caught in the balance.

Thunder force

IMDb rating : 4.4

It was directed by Ben Falcone.

Type of movie : 

action / adventure / comedy / fantasy / Sci-Fi

Lead actors :

  1. Melissa McCarthy
  2. Octavia spencer
  3. Jason Bateman
  4. Bobbly cannavale

Short Summary of thunder force :

In a world where supervillains are commonplace two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect their City.

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