These TikTok Stars Soon Leave Behind Bollywood Actors with photos

These TikTok Stars Soon Leave Behind Bollywood Actors with photos

These Stars are best, You can see there PHOTOS down, There is same fan base like bollywood on These short video making actors, These Actors are upcoming bollywood actors or big actors the reason behind saying this is there talent on these actors as we have seen before tiktok ban there is lot of fame they getting but after some reasons TikTok got banned and this actually somewhere break them but when tiktok is not banned they maked there space in peoples heart, now these actors have many fans on real life and social media.

After TikTok ban they have switched some applications and some have sponsered them, This is good news they getting money from sponsered, now they are still earning peoples love and money they are getting roles in movies, ads and much more now lets see some of TikTok Stars List and There PHOTOS

Well Some of TikTok Stars are working in serials this show that they are lot grown then before this is amazing tiktok stars are growing so fastly people are supporting them unconditionally they are the stars, and they are in peoples heart, Soon they will work on bollywood industry if they continue work like this lets support them they are working so hard to make them dreams true

1. Avneet Kaur 

Avneet kaur is best example that she is already working in many shows and some movies, but she is already grown because in past years she did alot shows, but after tiktok short videos she have grow alot then before now lets see another one.

2. Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Like avneet kaur she also did shows and movies but after making tiktok videos she also grown a lot she have so much talent people already love them so much there fans are crazy for them.

3. Arishfa Khan

she also did some shows but she is not famous like other actresses after making some tiktok videos she earned much fame,love and respect, Its really lovely to see that they are successful in there life in so little age because some stars are stuggling so much, they are here because of there hard work and talent.

4. Riyaz Aly

Riyaz ali Youtube He has featured in music videos including Pahadan, Superstar, Yaari hai, Daily daily, and Naagin jaisi. but this is not enough his passion towards doing thing is lovely he create tiktok videos and people liked it so much, he shown some original content that only some people can provide this makes him different then others and make him successful.

5. Garima Churasia Known As Gima Ashi

OMG!! People are crazy for her after her videos going viral she also maked some original content that makes her different then others this acutally people liked it, in past she was making tiktok videos with her female best friend those sync between there makes so much good videos and people loved it.

6. Aashika Bhatia

She have done some shows and movies before 2017 after she have started something different making tiktok videos she earned alot of fame love and success, her way of making videos are lovely, people really liked it everyone who watch her become her fans.

7. Sameeksha Sud

Sameeksha sud made her tv debut with horror anthology series Fear Files and Sacchi Tasveere After she did some more shows and best known for her role as pari from tv show baal veer, she maked only some fans her journy was not end after she also started making videos on tiktok then she went viral people and her fans really liked she have so much talent and do so much hard work, this is because she is here.

8. Team 07

Well im not taking names individually because it will make this article so much longer some of them are gone in reality shows after that they start making videos they also earned fame and get to know many peoples in industry they become friends, after mr faisu has did role in movie OMG this is really good that making tiktok videos really good with there talent they are here, in past they got in some controversys because of some haters but there fans never leaved them they love them alot.

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