how to create do follow and nofollow backlinks with blogger post

how to create do follow and nofollow backlinks with blogger post

Today we are going to learn about what are the backlinks and how to use it and what are dofollow and follow backlinks.

So let's start with the basic :

1) what is a backlink?

A backlink is a link to a webpage aur any other source that is connected with link that is known as a backlink. We can say that if you use a link other website or any social media and that link is on your post then that link ok is known as a backlink.

2)Why do we need a backlink?

we need a backlink to make our website get easily rank get easily on search engine let's take an example you go to a mall and you want to buy a smartphone. There are total 10 smartphone shops in the mall. You ask cloth shopkeeper where you can get the best smartphone the shopkeeper tells you that you will get best smartphone on shop number 5. So it is kind of a backlink for shop number 5 that using the reference you go to the the shop to purchase the smartphone.

3) what is no follow backlink?

When you go to a particular website and you comment using your website URL and any person who read your comment and click on your name then and it will redirect to your website this is backlink which is most of the time on no follow backlink.

What actually happens is the browser don't send the bot to follow link which is connected on the comment and it you don't get if follow link but the people who you see the comment and click on the link they will be redirected to your website link that you are given there so this is known as a no follow backlink.

4) What is a Do follow backlink

I do follow backlink is a link which helps your website to grow faster this link follows each other. Like in the above example when A shopkeeper who referred to to shop number 5 actually he is providing a backlink so whenever anyone comes to ask the shopkeeper which shop is best to purchase a smartphone he will always refer to that particular shop.

Do follow backlink helps you to get rank on a search engine very easily the more number of backlink you have the more chances that you will rank on number 1 off Google search. 

Then where do you get this dofollow backlink? 

Answer for this question is quite difficult because many website provides you comment dofollow backlink but many do not provided so it is quite difficult to say which website provides you are dofollow backlink.

Which will be helpful dofollow backlink or no follow backlink for your website?

I know if you readed the article you will very well know this answer but let me tell you that making a dofollow backlink will make your website rank more but creating a no follow backlink will have only less number of chance to get ranked but it helps you to gain more viewer.

Please make sure before commenting on any website for making a backlink you should always check the spam score of that website so that your website will not get any effect due to to the backlink you created on the the website the spam score should always be less than 5 to 3%. There are many website which provides you free checking for the spam score of website.

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