Best ways to become Best Programmer in your Future

Best ways to become Best Programmer in your Future

Do you want to become the best programmer or I want to become a best hacker or a coder today we are going to talk how you can become the best programmer for a developer in the month of 2021.

Before we start I want to introduce myself my name is Piyush Ahuja currently pursuing computer science engineering and have a YouTube channel name MRProgrammer.

Now there are lot of things that you have to go through you first have to decide your field and if you you know your field and continue reading

I am going to cover three fields that are web development , app development , full stack web developer.

Basics knowledge to become a front end web developer :

If you want to become a very great front and developers and want to earn in 7 figure then continue learn these technology.


HTML stands for hypertext markup language and as we all know that our browser reads HTML and shows the content that are inside the HTML tags so so you should start learning it. Also it is the basic for a web developer to know about HTML.

CSS : 

CSS stands for cascading style sheet which helps to style the elements that are present inside the HTML like you can color the text, change the font, change the background colour and much more. 

Bootstrap : 

it is a kind of library where everything is stored for you like if you want a menu or an nav bar you can just put the code inside the bootstrap and directly use it. Or  if you want a button with the great hover effect then you can use the code of button you can follow along the bootstrap by reading its documentation on its official websites

JavaScript : 

now if you want to become a full stack developer then you have to learn about JavaScript because most of the browsers are currently using it and also the native apps that are building are also using JavaScript so it is important to have a knowledge of a JavaScript it is in es6 language that was billed by the browsers so that they can fetch the data and assign new data dynamically.

Well this is all you should know if you want to become a best front end developer these are the basics.

Advanced programming language to become a front end developer :

After knowing everything that I mentioned above you can keep going your front end developer journey by by reading these programming languages

React : 

well this is a new technology that was developed by Facebook and it is very faster and smoother so that you can build your web application now there are many YouTube channels that will help you to learn this or you can buy a course so I will recommend you to go through YouTube channel and search for clever programmer.

How to become a app developer :

Now there are actually 3- 4 ways that I know to become a successful app developer

You can start learning any of that I mentioned below:


Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK developer can use to build native-looking Android and iOS applications from the same code base. Flutter has been around since 2015 when Google introduced it and remained in the beta stage before its official launch in December 2018.

React native 

React Native is an exciting framework that enables web developers to create robust mobile applications using their existing JavaScript knowledge. It offers faster mobile development, and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and the Web, without sacrificing the end user's experience or application quality.


Kotlin is a general purpose, free, open source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language initially designed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It is focused on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling support.


ava is the technology of choice for building applications using managed code that can execute on mobile devices. Android is an open source software platform and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. ... Android applications can be developed by using the Java programming language and the Android SDK.
So this are the four languages that you can start learning and build you application.

How to become a full stack developer :

Well you have to first learn the front end technologies that I mentioned above and then I'm continue you can learn these technologies that I mentioned below : 

Node js : 

Node. js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node. js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices


jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. jQuery takes a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish, and wraps them into methods that you can call with a single line of code.

Mongo DB

The document data model is a powerful way to store and retrieve data that allows developers to move fast. MongoDB's horizontal, scale-out architecture can support huge volumes of both data and traffic. MongoDB has a great user experience for developers who can install MongoDB and start writing code immediately.


Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas). It provides developers with a variety of tools and services to help them develop quality apps, grow their user base, and earn profit. It is built on Google's infrastructure. Firebase is categorized as a NoSQL database program, which stores data in JSON-like documents.

Git hub

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. This tutorial teaches you GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and Pull Requests

If you want if you want to ask anything you can just comment down below or if you want to make a blog post you can also contact us.
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