Be hygiene and healthy during quarentine

Be hygiene and healthy during quarentine

Due to the population overdose and vehicular emission, this world already gets polluted with many contaminants. In addition to this, our environment is also polluted with various other pollutions which leads to the rise of mutation of new microbes. Mutation leads to change in genetic material of a microbe. New genetic pattern will have new behavior and might be more harmful to us.

These microbes were really dangerous than you thought. As it is a new type of microbe, there is no necessary condition that the pre-existing medicine would kill it so. Hence it might requires some time to discover specified vaccine and medicine against such microbes. The only advice is to prevent before they harm. Always prevention is better than cure. Wash your hands whenever you are returning from a public places like bus stops, parks etc,.

Microbes in your hand were more likely to enter into your body. Hence washing hands with some hand-washers is highly suggested. Avoid making contact of your hands with the faces as it might lead the microbes to enter into your body. Eat healthy foods and do regular exercises to maintain good physical health. Handle every situation with an positive attitude. No medicine could save a person with a negative attitude and no poison can kill a person with a positive attitude.

Don't make practices with addictive habits. Addiction had ruined many person's life. It is essential to keep everything correct in your life. Addiction is an obstacle to everone's successful life. Ofcourse life is once and you should try everything. But sometimes, leaving some things might lead your life in a better way. Don't be Your life creation and its doom never depends on you. But the life you live totally depends on you. Lead your life in a healthier way.


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