Are You Making This Dieting Mistake?

Are You Making This Dieting Mistake?

Don't make this mistake! This is a big mistake I always see. You have to understand how your body works before you start any fitness program. The biggest mistake people make is to..."Starve them".

Everyone knows that you need to lessen the calories you eat to get fit, but not completely. Your body is like a car and food is the gas. When your car runs out of gas what happens? It stops! The same goes for your body . Food provides essential nutrients your body requires to function and without these nutrients, your body is not running efficiently.

Eat More!

Yes, you heard right. To get fit you have to eat smaller meals with foods that burn fat more frequently.

Digestion requires energy. Eating smaller meals allows for proper digestion and accelerates your metabolism. Going more than three hours without any fuel (food) causes the body to begin to shut down and slow the process of burning calories because it doesn't know when the Next meal is coming. Eating every 3 hours ensures caloric needs, elevated metabolism, and increased energy levels.

Have you ever noticed how your slim friends are always eating and don't get fat?

That's because they are constantly eating throughout the day which makes the body's metabolism speed up. The faster your metabolism the quicker your body burns that fat. Now the important part is just like a blender, if you put it at the lowest speed with a lot of food for only a few minutes it's going to have a hard time chopping up that food.

But imagine this...

If you put a small portion of water-based foods like watermelon and put the blender at full speed it's going to turn that watermelon into water within a few seconds. That's how you want your body's metabolism, at full speed and only feeding it small portions of healthy easy to burn foods thru out the day that your body will turn into energy.

Follow this very simple and actually fun to do tip (eating 5 fat burning and delicious meals a day) and you will be fitting into those clothes you've always wanted to wear before you know it!


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