Advantages of database management over file processing system

Advantages of database management over file processing system

A database management system has three main features :

  • Centralized data management
  • Data independence
  • Data integration

Due to its centralized nature the database system has worked come the disadvantages of file based system

  1. Minimal data redundancy : change the whole data resides in one Central database the various programs in the application can access data in different data files hence data presents in one file not to be duplicated in another this reduces the data redundancy however this does not mean all redundancy can be eliminated there could be business or technical reasons for having some amount of redundancy any such redundancy should be carefully controlled and the database management system should be aware of it
  2. Data consistency : reduced data redundancy leads to better data consistency
  3. Data integration : since related data is stored in one single database enforcing data integrity is much easier moreover the functions interface can be used to enforce the integrity rules with minimal programming in application programs
  4. Data sharing : related data can be shared across programs since the data is stored in the centralized manner even new applications can be developed to operate against the same data.
  5. Enforcement of standards : info Singh standards in the organization and structure of data files is required and also easy in database system since it is one single set of program which is always interacting with the data files
  6. Application development ease : BF placation program and need not be the function for handling issues like concurrent access commerce security data integrity the program only need to implement the application business rules
  7. Better control : better controls can be achieved due to the centralized nature of the system.
  8. Data independence : data independence is isolating and upper level from the changes in the organization of structure of a lower level.
  9. Reduce maintenance : maintenance is less and easy e again due to the centralized nature of the system

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