7 Pro Tips To get a Girlfriend And Be More Attractive in Front of Any Girl

7 Pro Tips To get a Girlfriend And Be More Attractive in Front of Any Girl

7 Pro Tips To get a Girlfriend And Be More Attractive in Front of Any Girl

There are many blog posts on this topic I am going to tell you something different from those blog. Like I am not going to tell you to cut your hairs or or to lose fat but it is obvious that if you are fat you have to go to gym or if you have long hairs you should cut it to look smarter. Let's start 7 ways to instantly look more attractive:


Something I have discovered is if you have a face tractors extremely good looking naturally then usually you look better without a beard so people can see it but if you have the face that average or below average then you usually look better with a beard because what it does a simply to hide the imperfections. You may have heard that people find symmetrical faces attractive most people are not symmetrical but when you have a beard it's basically how was your face which means half of the asymmetry is now hidden so you look twice as symmetrical as you did before it's called math. Also it helps to hide your jawline for your acne or anything as you might may not like about your face.

2) Be Confident

As you know girls want confidence people they don't want to be around with someone who is insecure and test rate if that's you then try to to be more confidence in front of any women.

3) Be positive

People Don't like to be around positive people think about it you want to be around someone who is always complaining always being negative about stuff doing negative things all the time. The problem with guys is a lot of them text negative as around girls. Complain that girls about "why don't you like me"?

People like positive people because positive makes you feel Better. Think about test positive people are active they enjoy doing things that talk to people because it's fun not because they want to impress them they have goals and ambitions and dreams and passion they don't sweat the small stuff they don't complain about Little Things because they don't care about little things they have their own life and enjoy living them they don't let on the girl and try to live the life for trying to control her life. If you are smiling and having fun you will instantly both more attractive than you are not smiling and having fun now keep in mind that this doesn't mean you should Fake it.

People who have fake fun usually just look like try hard! For example don't judge listen to to what a girl says while being bored out of your mind and only listen. Be serious that usually what you do when you are on dates isn't it?

4) Have a Pet : 

Honestly everyone likes animals and having a pet just makes you seem like a nice or more well-rounded person. Who is responsible enough to take care of someone also people are very protective of their backs so if a girl has a dog and you say you don't like dogs. So don't try to say this.

5) Have stuff You Care about

Attractive guys are not just empty cells they usually have at least one hobby that they are really passionate about maybe assembling or a parent or having a pet. If you are just a genetic dude who doesn't care about anything that's extremely an attractive because you are just gonna catch on her to that girl and start to insert yourself in her life. Like doing things she care about her friends and it just makes you look stupid.

If you don't have any hobbies just get one and if you don't have any dreams just get one personally there is nothing I find less attractive in a girl friends or even just in a friend.

6) Get a cool car!

No but seriously if you are and an unattractive guy then driving just a cool car makes you and attractive its fun and makes a great first impression cool riding around and you don't have to be rich. I am not saying to buy a Ferrari.

7) Talk less

Don't go on and on talking and talking let girls start talking. Don't text more than she text you and don't call her more than she text you. If we ask you a question and she knows the answers so try to answer in less words." Less is more". If she text text you something that you don't know the answer what to reply just don't reply.

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