5 Habits That will Improve Your Sleep || Meditation

5 Habits That will Improve Your Sleep || Meditation

Sleep can be complicated there are many factors that affects your sleep quality and quantity. Some improve your sleep while others make it was just a few simple habits can make the difference between a good night sleep and night stand tossing and turning that's why in this blog I will explain with habits you should adapt to improve your sleep some habits will help you more than others but all of them are combined that's when the real magic.

1) Get some sunlight in the morning

A great night sleep begins the moment when you wake up may sound counter-intuitive that sunlight during the day can help you better at night but science has proven that this is precisely the case let me ask you this : how does your body know when it's time to wake up and when it's time to go to bed?

The answer is it follows your internal clock and your circadian in rhythm. there are certain times of the day when your body is designed to adjust the temperature and metabolism and to release some specific hormones. The timing of it all come down to this internal clock one of the things that regulate this rhythm is sunlight there are other things as well such as food or exercise but sunlight and light is generally the main clue that your body uses.

You see your internal clock is not perfectly accurate as it does not follow and exact 24 hours. In fact the average duration of adult humans Indian clock is about 24 hours 15 minutes essentially your rhythm is constantly shifting forward but sunlight over runs your emphasizes internal clock and wind it back to 24 hour that's why you should get at least 20 minutes of sunlight first thing in the morning.

Best way you let your body know that the day has started and it turns you feel sleepy sooner in the evening however in some Countries there is not much sunlight during the day if you live in one you should buy yourself a light and use it the morning while you do something else if you are interested lookup light therapy box.

2) Have a Wine-Down Routine

People are of to busy till late hours and when they jump into their beds they just hope they will fall asleep fast. This this is really the case and they just toss and turn for a while because they are still stimulated from their activities what you want to do  implement a wind-down  routine before going to bed. Give yourself time to relax and unwind of course that doesn't mean that you should watch TV or play video games or see videos on computer. these activities are to stimulating in fact all your electronics should be off before bedtime and state a relaxing activity such as reading and listening to music should be part of your bedtime ritual you could also reflect on your day find out which things were done or wasn't done and what could be improved upon.

What are your goals for the next day and approximately how long will it take you to complete them these activities are not as arousing for your brain and will help you you throughout the day. you will find yourself feeling sleepy much Sooner.

3) Get some exercise

All of us should try to encourage in some degree of regular physical activity not only for fitness of our body but also quality and quality of sleep in a study of people with 7 insomnia exercise offered more benefit then most sleep . Introduce the time to talk to fall asleep reduces night time wakefulness while increasing total sleep time. Although exercise is good for you and it helps you to get a good night sleep performing it too late in the day may cause sleep problem. This is due to this stimulating effect of exercise which increase alertness heart rate and the releases of adrenaline. It also races your core body temperature which can take up to 6 hours to come down again. This is everything you don't want to happen at night.

So if you have the option try to exercise in the early morning or afternoon specially if you want to move your sleep schedule to and early time you should exercise first thing in the morning you will naturally start waking up areas because your body will begin to expect it and it will release more of the daytime hormone such as cortisol earlier in the day. Now while you might think of exercising as going for a round or lifting weights walking does not fall under this category as well. That's because is still raises your body temperature and evaluate heart rate beyond the testing levels.

4) use your bed for sleep only

lots of people like to browse their phones play video games or do work in their laptop while in bed but it is important that you should only use your bed for sleep this is because the human brain is always looking for patterns so that it can be automate behavior. You see when you do other things beside sleeping in bed you are teaching your brain that you are bad is for other activities as well if you use your bed to watch TV or browse your phone your brain will start to associate you are bad with that activity. If you eat food in bad your brain will connected with hunger guess what happens if you use your bed for sleep that's right your brain will start associating your bed with only sleep and whenever you go to bed you will start feeling sleepy instantly this is why it's important to stay away from your bad if you are not planning on sleeping and only get in when you are ready to sleep.

However if you are currently committing that sleep crime that it's going to take some time for your brain to make a shape before it only associate your bed with sleep but if you take with it, the payoff is huge.

5) Make Your Bedroom Cold

Lowering your bedroom temperature is one of the best way you can improve your sleep tonight when it's time for your body to rest there is automatic drop in your core body temperature to help initiate sleep if your room is on colder side rather than warm it is much easier to shut your eyes for the night. however if the temperature Hindi environment stays To then it can be a bit of a challenge to get restful sleep optimal room temperature for sleep is 60-68 Fahrenheit or 16-20 Celsius. MS thing above or below will likely cause sleep problems this may sound a little too cold too many peoples but of course the ideal temperature will vary depending on individual unique body. A few ways to cool down your bedroom are: have the Blinds closed during the day so that sun doesn't Shine inside. Cal simply use air conditioning if you have it.

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