How to Dress Properly for Your College || News n Trick

Welcome today we are going to discuss and interesting topic that most of the guy forward when they go to their college.

Now there is a huge difference between the the clothes which you wear on your school time and which you are going to wear on your college time

Here are the things that you must wear during your college life :

Tips for College Students :

wear a well polished shoes :

Most of the people do not polish their black shoes in the morning and takes just wear and go out their college so you don't have to do like this because as a student most people watch your shoes first before your face so so you have to maintain your shoes this can change your first impression immediately and make your personality different from others.

formal belt. :

Now you must be thinking what is a formal belt there is a difference between a funky belt and a formal belt you have to wear a black belt with normal buckle this will help you to maintain your stability of of what you are wearing and also many girls attracts from belt.

choose perfect size clothes :

Now what is a perfect size clothes?
It is the size that actually fits perfectly on your body like if you are a guy who wear t shirt of size medium but actually  you purchase a larger size. Or suppose you are not wearing a a shirt that actually fits on you perfect size t-shirt or shirts on your college.

wear a watch:

Now you must be wearing a watch so that you look different from those people who are not wearing any watches this will also make a perspective image on others that you care about time.

Have you heard about the quote :
"Watch is not to show time the real value of watch is to show how is the time currently of the person who is wearing that watch"

keep smiling faces :

Now as you know smiling faces are free so that don't cost anything just to keep a smile on your face so this will make you attractive than others who are making sad faces or don't look more happy so it's easy to get attract to any person.

iron your clothes properly :

You should iron your clothes before going to college this will remove the crease that are on your shirt or t-shirt you will look nice.

So these are my personal tips for every college students that how they can look attractive and can be hero on your college so thanks for reading hope you like it please comment down below if you have more topics.