function performed in database management

  1. Data definition the database management system provides function to define the structure of the data in the application these include defining and modifying the record structure the type and the size of fields and various constraints to be satisfied by the data in each field.

  2. Data manipulation once the data structure is define data need to be inserted modified or deleted the function which perform these operations are also part of the database management system these functions can be handle plant and and plant data manipulation needs plant queries are those which form part of the application and plant queries are ad hoc queries which are performed on on a need basis

  3. Data security and integrity : the database management system contains function which handle the security and integrity of data in the application this can be easily invoked by the application and hence the application program and need not scored this function in his or her programs

  4. Data recovered : recovery of data after a system failure and concurrent access of record by multiple user are also handled by the database

  5. Performance : optimizing the performance of of the queries is one of the important function of DBMS and the DBMS has a set of programs forming the query optimizer which evaluates the different implementation of a query and chooses the best among them

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