explain three level architecture of database management system

 ANSI / sparc 3 level of architecture of DBMS : DBMS can be considered as a buffer between application program end users and a database designed to full field features of data independence in 1975 the American national standards institute standards planning and requirements community proposed three level architecture identified three level of abstraction these levels are something referred to as schemas or view

  1. The external or user level : this level describes the user or application programmers view of the database several programs or user may share the same view.

  2. The conceptual level : this level describes the organisation view of the data in the database this relationship between the data and the constraints application to the database this level describes a logical view to the database.

  3. The internal or physical level : this level describes the way in which data is stored and the way in which data may be accessed this level describes a physical view of the database.

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