Explain the disadvantages of file processing system

What are the following related to FPS and DBMS
  • Data independence
  • Atomicity problem
  • Concurrent access anomalies
  • Data isolation

Data redundancy: seems different programmers creates the file in application programs over a long period the various files are likely to have different formats and the programs may be written in several programming languages moreover the same information may be duplicated in several files this publication of data over several files is known as data redundancy.

Data inconsistency : the various copies of the same data may no longer agree that is various copies of the same data may contain different information

Difficulty in accessing data : in a convention file processing system it is difficult to access the data in a specific manner and it is required creating an application program to carry out each new task

Data isolation : because data are are scattered in various forms and files may be in different formats writing new application program to retrieve the appropriate data is difficult.

Security problem : not every user of the database system should be able to access all the data.

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