Define features of Unix operating system with advantages

The major feature of Unix can be listed below :
  • Multi user time sharing operating system : Unix allow several user nearly 24 to 500 to use the same computer simultaneously by attaching terminals for intelligent search that uses of these terminals can run programs access the files and print the documents all at once this is facilitated by time sharing the resource between the user. Multitasking scheduling algorithms are used to provide fast and non interfering usage of the computer
  • Multitasking OS : in UNIX we can perform more than one task at a time while printing document and started editing a new document simultaneously.
  • Portability : unique system itself is extremely portable with new modification the Unix system can be installed on a variety of hardware it contains a set of programs that will let us connect our old computer to our new one transfer data easily.
  • Modularity : Unix come with several hundred supplied programs in terms of utility and tools which provide a rich and productive environment to create a bigger module for smaller ones integral utilities are out of Unix system that provide necessary support to the operating system for particular operation of the computer.
  • System security : computer system security means protecting computer hardware and information contained within the system threats to the system can be both internal and external external threads include unauthorised access to the computer system unauthorised tapping of data being transferred over the the network. internal threads are of more serious nature like destruction of software data by mistake for on purpose examination excess of sensitive  data.
  • File structure and security : Unix uses hierarchical files system for easy maintenance it has consists format for files the byte stream making application program easier to write.
  • Device independence : one of the design principle used to treat disc files and input output device as file from a user perspective the safeguarding the user from the intricacies of the device.
  • Communication : communication has been one of the Unix strong points Unix has extensive electronic mail facilities some of the command have subsequently been and has to run over in network and even on the internet user process communicate with network protocol via socket facilities.
  • Benefit of Unix operating system : this system is written in high level language making it easy to read and understand also change and move to other machines.

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