why it is important to learn coding in 2020

Hello guys my name is future and today we are going to talk about why it is very important to learn coding for future because in today's world we see lots of technology is gaining day by day and as we know we have to cope up with the technologies that are upcoming so we are going to discuss today why it is important for you to learn coding in 2020
Let's let's just make this in points so that everyone can relate so we are going to start this

To develop your own website

in today's world everyone is switching to online business because it's growing day by day and as we know it is very important to develop a website of your own business so that people can we choose if they want to order you or they want to buy your products they can easily go into your website and search for a particular product that we are a service that they need so that's how it is very important to develop your own website for future aspects and I prefer to develop your own website by using WordPress for your blog oblique because it is a very famous platforms.

Writing your own blog

writing your own blog is a very best way to express your data for your knowledge with other peoples so it is very important for you to know somehow folding so that you can show your blog at a very linear manner and everybody will love that because it's not about just writing something and force that it's also about the way you present the thing.
to you can start your own blog by using these free platforms you can write as many as block you want and we will help you to gain some knowledge also because you will also research on a particular topic to write about that topic and this is the very important part so that you can custom device design your blog.

To own develop application

If you have the knowledge ofbuild your own application and you will be able to deploy that application that it will be best for you to develop an application and deploy it so that the people who lived those features will start using application.
It will also help you to boost your knowledge and skills so that if if you will be able to deploy an application you can earn also so it is best for you to start learning and deploying our own application

Why you should learn coding?

if you know the basics of coding you will be able to make some amazing games or websites or applications that people uses and you will be able to get extra skills and knowledge sets and you will get also job offers from big companies.

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