why it is important to learn C programming?

Hello friends my name is Piyush Ahuja and today we are going to discuss why it is so important to learn the basic c language in starting.

Computer Programming:

C language was basically launched in a lab and it was an interpreted language and what does interpreted language means they execute the code one by one. C language was the very basic and starting language so it is easy for a developer to start their coding very easily with those things.

if you are learning C language at the beginning it will be very helpful for you to start learning C plus plus after sometime and C plus plus is very important language to develop many important elements that are embedded on a particular application.

it is very interesting to learn C language because most of the people started their journey by C language and to start creating many applications based on C language such as calculator. It plays a very important role to to give a best user experience for user interface so you have to learn C language then you have to go ahead with other languages.

Basics of C Programming:

Basics is very important to learn for future so it is very important to learn C language because it is the very basic programming languages and as we know without basics we cannot go further.

There are many basic information's available on YouTube that they tell by C programming and it is important for students so I can tell you that if you are starting your coding journey you should go ahead and learn C programming first then you have to go on other programming languages.


Coding is not a easy think because it takes time for a coder or developer to do something great so you have to first learn with the basic things and as we all know she is the first entered all teachers because it is a very basic language and very easy so you can easily understand the concept of things that are used on those programming languages and then I can start your journey with other language in coding world


If you are a beginner you should first learn the basic programming languages so that it is easy to get understand the the programming languages that are harder to code and by this you can easily get the knowledge of what you have learnt earlier so you can check other things that why it is important so to learn the basic programming languages before going directly to making a software.

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