why coding is important during school education

Access to a computer what's the first thing you expect them to do the first the answer would probably be play video games or get on social media something different 2 years ago I was an interesting project through which three groups of school students from three villages across the state of Goa participated in a nine-day training camp on computer programming as a volunteer and structure of a project get that is powered with information technology I was part of the organizing team which are formulated a neat little syllabus using scratch a popular program development interface in a word is a coding platform for children on the very first day of this can even before the polity and structures had arrived school promisors these students in the age group of around 12 to 14 years had already opened in try not to program for themselves believe it or not within the first seven days of the camp they had exhausted the entire list of programs we plan for them and they were angry honest with you but express the proceedings of the camp up until that day likes of which they had never even heard of the four 

I wasn't very sure whether all youngsters to take to coding so easily but now and totally convinced that anyone can why coding decoding in particular revolving missing your face after long time coding is nothing but a game of logic more than anything else it enables the mind have a rational Outlook artists musicians sportsperson for every one of us here need to have the capability to make a rational decisions and logic that governs our decision making effects was once said to solve problems it was steps of everything in life prospective is something for everyone at any age group and all fields of interest seeing the world through the eyes of God in a house with a dash of creativity information and an out-of-the-box approach to real life problems this is as complex as a sound it may be something as simple as planning your daily work for better time management for weeding out fake news from Rio news logic that according to delve deeper understanding something rather than blindly accept it so how early or other why should we introduce coding so early the first around 12 years of age but logic the most fundamental to only all employee in life changing decisions unfortunately doesn't hot if you could be introduced through coding for hands around the same time that was brought and I think it would be both much more fun to learn particularly if algebraic concepts to be incorporated into codes this would greatly dispel the fear of math in particular that so many students have and probably reduce the number of my theatres in general secondly if we wait until the 9th standard to introduce coding as per the current State board education it just another boring chapter

the book that in the increasing tension for the board exam is to be studied by the encrypted exam time that the logical skills that would normally help to enhance introduced in schools schools in particular short answer is something in the school syllabus is given a totally different level of importance schools 9 standard 6th if a student can understand is a piece of cake pc feasible but consider miniature computing systems like the raspberry Pi using which one can learn to write computer programs for less than 5000 Indian rupees and US including all the peripheral they go along with that not compare that with the PC is installed in most Government schools and you'll find that every PC used by three school students currently in equal investment in raspberry Pi setups could be used to train 27 more than 30 students in all additionally a large number of companies and private forms replace the redundant computer as almost every 3 to 4 years more than 50% of the time such cpus are still fully functional and they either the dust or end up as he West schools with a severely lacking and numbered coding with scratch connected to the same here attended by both students from rural as well as urban background over the course of that can be not this the students from rural areas consistently outperformed the organ counterparts during the scratch programming sessions these students from the iron age of the foothills of the Western Ghats

the first language of New Era has all disprove the stereotype of the coding like talks to water computer education is already accessible students in most parts of the state but as of now is accessible to city students at a much earlier age if village school students have such a fire in them to learn why did access to it for so long that's been a mental block regarding introducing coding early for a very long time and given is importance account of the size and how is essential that is that we do something to change it Innova tomorrow's to wait for it is tomorrow in millions of our country with the world's largest population are going to hit the job markets with brain for the history of computers and no practical knowledge whatsoever on how to code for real-world scenarios if we decided to do something about it we have to change it now and when we make the decision I hope period logically thank you.

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