what is static website or static page

Hello friends my name is piyush ahuja and today we are going to learn what is a static website or a static page now let me we say that if if you are going to know that what is a static website you should have a basic knowledge for what is HTML.

what is static website:

Suppose you are uploading some images or text into a website and then you want to make some text box or text inside those websites then those websites which are not updating in real time is known as a static website so the basic function of a static website is the website is is not updating or changing automatically it is only change when the user change something on those websites.
There are lots of features if you turn on dynamic website but it up after introduction of JavaScript no one makes a static website they all change to dynamic website because there are tons of features that are available on dynamic websites.

Advantages of static website :

there are many advantages of a static websites for example the people will get a best user experience because the load of the webpage is very high means the website will load in just a millisecond because there is no search contents into static pages and they are not updating in real time.

Disadvantage of a static website:

Now if you want to use many features on your website such as embedding a clock or sliding photos you cannot use in a static pages because static pages only contain HTML and CSS and the popular features uses the JavaScript but after embedding JavaScript in your HTML code your webpage will be no longer called static web page.

What do you mean by static page?

Now the terminology of static means a page that never change it means it is fixed. 
The basic HTML and CSS tags website are made in static pages and it's not change until the user change it.
now static pages do not need a database to be connected because a static website is same for all users so anyone who is going to visit your website will see the same content which is there available in the website and the main benefit of the static pages are the the speed of the website because speed is very important so that a visitor can read it very easily in less time.

Conclusion :

you should not use static pages because there are many functions that are introduced in recent times and they do not uses in website without JavaScript and JavaScript is an important element to make your website dynamic so you can use JavaScript or react or any other such language to make your website feature-rich.

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