what is front end development in computer science

hello guys my name is Piyush Ahuja and today I am going to tell you what is the importance of developing a great front end for the user who are going to visit or going to use those things.
Before going directly into topic let's suppose you are a developer and you have developed some applications and you want the users to engage on those applications.
For example you have created and calculator app now there are tons of applications like calculator path then also if your application has a great user interface or front end you will get more visitors on your application or more people are going to use those applications.


Now tell me the reason is you have created the same app because calculator do same function for all applications but people use your application because they find the user experience of that application is the best. 
So that's why people love the best front end on anything like application for web development. It will be very helpful for the user to get the experience much better on the same place.

Now let's come into the topic:

Front end is a part of a website or application where the designs of the front side is made with the help of HTML CSS and JavaScript and it is very important for a developer to to make a great looking front end.
A great front end will help the the user to for a longer time on that application now the reason to keep the front end as smooth and faster is that today's world user is the most important element of any part example website and applications or web app.
So now let's talk about how you can develop or friend time you just have to to gain the knowledge of HTML because HTML is a part of a hypertext markup language where you can create a website or a front end very easily and to style those frontend we use CSS full form is cascading style sheet and after using CSS we put some JavaScript to make the static website into a dynamic website.
Data front end development is generally used so that a user can see those images and the buttons and also the headings that are embedded on a website to make a user experience much better so that each and every person who visits your application or development they can easily fetch the data order want to read from your website and get a content knowledge. 


best develop a best friend time you need the knowledge of JavaScript CSS it will help you to make a dynamic website with his more user friendly and the user interface matters a lot in a web development series

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