what is dynamic pages for dynamic website

Hello friends today we are going to discuss what is a dynamic website and how to make a website dynamic.

Html : 

so basically a website contains of 3 to 4  languages and the very basic which is used to make a static website are HTML and CSS which is used to make a website statically presentable. 
the use of static websites is to make some tools for some static pages that can be load in a very fast time and user can experience a great speed without knowing the dynamic process happening in the background.


To start making a dynamic website the basics you should know about his the HTML and CSS and also you should know some of the JavaScript now if you want to make a style Name website you must use some JavaScript to make this process time.

The meaning of a dynamic websites is to fetch the data in real time and update so if you want an example we can say that if you are embedding a clock inside your website this process is known as a dynamic process because each and every seconds the website is keep updating and changing the time and this process is dynamically happening.

Have you ever gone through tech companies websites where the images are automatically changed in that is known as a slider and if you want to know make a slider for your image websites you can use JavaScript and using JavaScript it is able to make a dynamic website which will help to keep on moving the images from the background and slide them into a new path after image website.

Dynamic Website:

now a dynamic website is containing a database connected with the website or the application the main motive of the database is too fetch the data from the base and put those data into your website now this is a very basic terminology of a dynamic website.

stage very important for a website to become dynamic so that a user can get extra features and get engaged to the website it is helps to boost ranking of a website also.

The dynamic website is basically of webpage that is using a JavaScript to fetch the data from the database if a user uses the search option and start writing what ever he wants to search he basically getting the results from the database at real time at this is what we called a dynamic website.

Conclusion :

how to create a dynamic website for a dynamic feature into your website you must know some of the basics of JavaScript and HTML this will help you to make your website dynamically changing.

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