how to get placed in a coding tech company

Hello guys my name is Piyush and we are going to learn about how you can get placement in any big companies.
so basically the pre requirement is you should have the basic knowledge of what you have learnt in your university courses because most of the people do not focus on their course and they start learning other things so it is basically important for you to learn the basic concepts that are reached on the universities in in first 4 years. 

start learning English and focus on your English as well because as we all know English is a very popular language and every pic companies are currently demanding for the people who can understand and speak English so it is very important for you to start learning English.

so English plays a very important role for getting a job because there are many people whom have a good knowledge in their languages in programming but they haven't got a job because they don't know a better English so what I mean as you should focus on English then you have to start the jobs and then after getting IT companies in your a campus then you have to select for what company you want eligible.

after you have to focus on your English so to make your English much better I will say you can go through a dictionary and then find as many as word meaning so that you will get more words and if you have enough words to say then it is better to you better for you to get those jobs very easily because most of the peoples are higher because of fluent in English.

after making your English perfect then you should start gaining more knowledge on your course so it is more beneficial for you to grab a great job with the high package.

it is better to try to get more fluency in English and learn new words it is very beneficial for you to explain everything that you have in your mind to the other person who are taking in your interview.

if you have great technical knowledge you can show your knowledge and without speaking  English it is better you will get a job.

How to improve your English speaking skills?

there are many ways available on the internet that some of the ways are still working that you can use a dictionary and treat those dictionary daily and gain a new meaning everyday.

watch English movies that are available on internet so that you can find the meaning and what they want to tell this will help you to get your English much better.


start learning and focusing on your English it will also work to get a high paid jobs because most of the people higher on the basis of their fluency in English as well as the knowledge in their field of course.
other benefits of learning English is that you can become a translator for a big person or a company and this will help you to gain much potential in your English speaking skills.

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