don't just learn coding learn to create something

And discount is the share with his wife and his passion for computer science in more specifically computer programming question National percentage questions doing this 4 a.m. instead over 4,000 acres with 99.7% at 80 in 5 minutes placed at department of people in a week and the current what is the most people doing there were no working things they won't even remotely related computer science at first sight or a cases the person who is there in Store movies on annual fees software send a man in a joint scan from us schedule that.

I found my dream jobschool I quit I dropped out to stop going to school and I started my dream job you you can do what you love in the air flight ticket from here to China 16 hours used to take years now snake and China its magic todayyou know as free Singh instantly at times this can be hard to believe that I'm working on something force is technology you can use technology to do what you love if you are a genius understocking you can use technology to do what you love if you learn to create your own company next 3 months 9 days what you want to create and use when you make that decision you cannot make a wrong decisions decisions that cancer is the one you don't make the only wrong decision is in recession someone once said the biggest risk is not taking any risk and all is more 1720 created what you want to create you need to learn how to create an upstairs the saying about learning things you can do white doing what you do what do you love you doing what you do you can ask questions about snow stand for it YouTube not stop asking questions because the reasons you cannot be something like it's too hard 

I don't have enough time my mum son helping mewhen you just need to it you need to create unique executed and study designing what do you want to make it should make you feel that make your customers feel I should make your audience feel to make your users feel you design and experience and a new page created it and you get this first rap you are not it is it is now your final draught added to the polish in why is it make it because when you buy something you discover what's magic about the next song that want then next the site you can find magic anything for you to work for after you have executed on your creation you need to share it's too many of your creations are dying on computer desktops shelves because you don't want to share the you need to share your is made to happen every one

word sethow to create your own creation and you do this over and over and over again cycle is something the unit to assemble 4 word every time is 16 every time you feel that step forward and you better for which I found my train because I was a kid storyif poem my mind how did you possibly make 3D movie crazy that magic so I decided I get to make an animation animation learn read a book I watched written forums what's in videos and made in animation and it was awful people decided I want to make a websiteI decided to take a job teaching kids to make websites I had no idea how to teach kids to learn what are the teachers and try and out myself had a plan was it and I decided to create a company that this city how to create technology I had no idea how to start a company so I don't talk to people that companies at want you to find business plans and I had a startup company but I did I made company and we as a company decided kids all around the World had a creative technology every Priya awesome so we decided make online classes we have no idea how to make a online classes camera students or younger than you magic is not doing what is impossible doing what is perceived to be impossible

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