Best project idea by using JavaScript

Hello guys welcome to my blog and today we are going to see what are the top projects that are made using the JavaScript so basically what is JavaScript it is a language which is used with HTML and CSS so it is basically a web design language.
And if you want to learn this coding I with this you can type in Google and there are many Google courses also available to teach JavaScript and their project source code is also available in Git Hub

Clock with java script

Now you can design a best clock so that a user is interacted with those blocks by using JavaScript you can fetch the data from Google because Google also provides the the source code so you have to focus on the best designs available in the market.
it is important to know JavaScript before going to make this application so first year to learn those at the best level.
What you can include any your application is you can set a reminder for the user for a particular things that are upcoming this will help you to build your application more attractive.

Build calculator by using JavaScript

now it is easy to make a calculator and everyone is doing this by using JavaScript so what you have to do is you have to not make a simple calculator you have to do something new.
For example if you are making a calculator make a age calculator or any other type of calculator so that people will engage on your application.
and it is very important for you to first know the JavaScript if you don't know JavaScript you have to first go through the courses that are available for free or paid check those.

Make a slider for website

it is easy for you if you know JavaScript to make a slider and many of those slider are works dynamically it can be easily created with the help of JavaScript so you can go and make a slider for application where you can post photos and those photos will shown dynamically.

Why it is important to learn JavaScript

first HTML was introduced and it is able to build the static page but there are many functions that works dynamically in a web page and it need its to learn JavaScript.

Building map using JavaScript

You can make a a map by embedding some areas that are available by Google to embed it in your website so that people will come and watch the locations that required to go
this will help you to make a tourism website works in real time so you can tell the people which are the best place to visit in some country.

Why JavaScript was introduced

JavaScript is one of the most native language where you can design a dynamic web page and it is easy for you to get interacted by many peoples by using pages
And if you know JavaScript then it is very easy for you to create a web page that works very actively. JavaScript helps to make a web page works on a real time so if you upload some content it will that ki show in real time.

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