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what's upon a time in the village of des manna lived a man named Arco and his wife Tina ARCA was the headman of the village who owned large fields he loved his wife dear and would always buy her flowers and give her small presents he took good care of his wife who was pregnant and the fields that they owned as well here this is for you my love oh how lovely thank you so much one day when the baby was to be born as his wife was taken to the nursing home she began to feel extremely ill and was in great pain don't worry my love you will be fine as he said this Tina was taken into the delivery room along with a midwife our Co waited outside worried as he heard the chaos that went about inside a few hours later the chaos had silenced and the faint distant voice of a baby crying could be heard the Midwife came out holding a baby in her head wrapped in a blanket she looked sad with tears welled in her eyes it's a baby boy he's a healthy kid but I'm sorry your wife didn't make it huh Oh our Co was deeply saddened and inconsolable at the news of his wife he gave up his role and responsibilities as the headman and over the next few days his sister would always be at his house to take care of the baby boys Simon our Co you deserve to be happy again and your son needs someone to take care of him why don't you get married why where are you going I don't want to marry anyone I'm not going anywhere but this child needs someone to care and love him like a mother would after much persuasion ARCA finally agreed and a few weeks later he was married to a lovely lady from the village Donna Donna was a sweet and kind lady who took great care of Simon and loved him as her own this helped our Co feel better and soon he became the jolly man he once was years passed and Arcos family had become bigger they now had two sons Ryan and Rodney Donna loved them all equally and did not differentiate between them at all treating Simon as her own hey boys these are for y'all oh wow super bat he's my favorite superhero yeah he is awesome mine too thank you mother even after having two of her own sons her love for Simon never diminished and was always the same she never let Ryan and Rodney know that Simon was their stepbrother ARCA would take his boys out to the field every year and they would build a scarecrow together Simon you go get the hay yes father Ryan Rodney bring the sticks and clothes along yes Father yes Father they loved making scarecrows together and would always make them together every year one day many many scarecrows later as the boys had grown up into them Arco had become old and passed away Simon has now taken up all the responsibilities of the house he looked after the fields and took great care of his family and they prospered and lived happily mother this is a new dress for you thank you so much son and he ran a pair of boots that you were talking about oh thanks brother these are amazing oh and rod I got something special for you oh wow this is the bike I always wanted thank you so much brother this made their neighbors quite envious and they decided to come up with a friend look in with all his land yeah I have a way we can take some of his land oh yeah what is it the two younger brothers don't know that Simon is their stepbrother we can tell them and get them to go against him once they get him out of the way we can take over their land and we will be rich yeah I like that the next day when Ryan and Rodney were about to leave for the market the two neighbors went up to them I see that your step brother has given you a nice gift what what do you mean Oh didn't you know he is your father's firstborn from before he married your mother the boys were shocked at what the neighbors told them they also told them that with him handling all the responsibilities he would never let them inherent their Hobbes of the land do you know why he gave you this cycle yeah do you do you know this is his way of keeping you so occupied with these small things so that he can keep all the property to himself yeah he is not really your brother he is just a selfish greedy man unaware of the neighbors motives the two brothers were coaxed against Simon they became more furious than ever and were determined to make sure they got rid of him come on we need to get rid of him let's go tell mother the boys went home immediately and told their mother everything she was shocked to hear what they had to say don't be silly your brother is not selfish I don't want to hear anything either you get rid of him or we will there's no need to get rid of him I will do something about it Donna was deeply saddened by this and understood exactly why the neighbors told the boys and what their intention was I have to find a way to set this right she stayed up all night worried trying to find a way to teach her son than the neighbors a lesson later that night when all three were fast asleep she cried out disappear into your stomach from then on lost his appetite and became weak he sat in his bed all day and over the next few days he couldn't even sit up on his bed seeing their stepbrother in this state the brothers felt like their mission was accomplished the neighbors rejoiced at the news of Simon's weak state let's go take over their land the neighbors quickly extended their boundaries and took over large parts of their land the boys tried whatever they could to reclaim their land but it was of no use hey this is our field seeing how they were tricked by the sly and cunning neighbors they felt extremely ashamed they went up to their mother to apologize and asked her to help them mother we are extremely sorry we realize our mistake now we should not have given so much importance to the neighbors words Simon has always been a great brother and has always taken good care of us and if it worked for us he would have been fine now and none of this would have happened it's okay my children let's just hope he gets better soon that night as her sons were fast asleep she cried out just then Simon replied in a soft faint voice wire where did you see it come out of your stomach and disappeared from that day onwards Simon's condition became better and he soon started eating and then began to walk around one day when he went out to the field he saw that their land was taken over by the neighbors I know exactly how to fix this Simon went over to the headman of the village and explained to him how he had fallen extremely ill and that the neighbors had encroached upon his land seeing that Simon was out and about the neighbors got scared and trembled at the thought of what he would do with them Oh No Simon is back what do we do now just then the village headmen arrived with a few village guards you are coming with us move your boundaries back immediately yes sir yes sir the two neighbors were punished and thrown into prison they surrendered their land to Simon and learned their lesson that it's not good to deceive people and steal their property and as for the three brothers they became closer than they ever were and together they took care of the fields and they all prospered as one happy family