The Painter and The Carpenter Story in English | Stories for Kids

long long ago there lived a king by the name zhenchok who ruled over a kingdom called slangog the city had a painter and a carpenter both of them the best in their arts not only in this kingdom but rather in 20 kingdoms around but both of them simply could not stand each other one day in the festival of the arts both of them had displayed their own artifacts this is my world curving sire and if it pleases your majesty i should like to present it to you for the royal palace why this is exquisite my man i shall have to put it up in the royal library the king next went to the painter who unveiled his painting here it is your highness i have never seen more magic on a canvas my man if it pleases you your majesty may i present it to you for the royal palace certainly where shall we put this in the royal dining hall that is indeed a fine idea sire very well then will you please arrange for both the masterpieces to be brought up and put in the palace certainly your majesty the minister went first to collect the carpenter's mural before he could enter the chamber he overheard the carpenter talking to his assistant what that painter has also offered his painting as a gift to the king is there any comparison between my mural so exquisitely finely carved on those meaningless strokes on a canvas even a child can use colors and make anything look nice but it takes a different kind of patience and artistry to make a brown hard piece of wood look so exotic if i could i would have the painter banished from this kingdom the minister was shocked he said nothing collected the mural and went to the painter's chamber there he heard the painter talk to his assistant what that carpenter has made a mural to be hung on a wall and he has had the audacity to offer it to the king what nonsense how boring just one color brown it takes a different kind of mastery and artistic finesse to make delicate strokes on a canvas and make everyday colors look heavenly in a painting any soldier can drive a hammer into wood if i could i would have that carpenter banished from this kingdom banished from this earth the minister said nothing to the painter and collected the painting but back in the palace he told the king everything he had overheard oh such wonderful artists they think so poorly of each other's art form call the royal architect let us put an end to this nonsensical rivalry the king had a discussion with the royal architect and then had the carpenter called to the court the next day well thank you for coming here my pleasure your highness last night i had a dream in which the spirits of nature appeared to me and they made a demand from our kingdom oh what kind of a demand sire they want me to build a great hall of reverence for nature and have it ready before the spring equinox which is in three months from today i have spoken to the architect and the hall can be constructed in that much time since you are the best carpenter of the city i wanted you to make carved wooden pillars and archways that will then be carried to the hall to decorate it if you begin today will you be able to finish the work in three months yes certainly it will be an honor your highness good then please retreat into the workshop today itself and start working on the pillars and archways as you wish your highness next the king called the painter and told him about the hall of reverence for nature i want you to make paintings on the walls and ceiling of the main hall yes certainly it will be an honor your highness the carpenter worked hard in his workshop and the painter worked hard on the walls and ceiling of the main home on the appointed day the king called all the noblemen of the kingdom the carpenter's beautiful exotic pillars and archways were first carried into the garden outside the great hall and left on display for everyone to look at and admire how do you all like the pillars they are exotic they look so beautiful with the angels carved on them and look at the delicate carvings of flowers and animals this is truly a beautiful reference to nature do you think that the pillars could be made any better your highness they appear to be just perfect as they are very well please follow me into the great hall when they reached the main hall the noblemen and ladies were mesmerized by the beautiful masterpieces that adorned the walls and ceiling of the room how do you like these paintings these paintings have to be the finest in the world every stroke is a masterpiece in itself look at the various scenes of nature the paintings depict truly the paintings make the hall a celebration of nature do you think these can be made any better they are perfect as they are your highness well let us see [Applause] now what do you think dear goodness the effect of both of them together we have no words could there ever be anything as beautiful as this what do both of you think of each other's art form now i realize what you mean your highness i was so wrong in thinking that the carvings on wood were a poorer art form and i was so wrong to think that paintings did not require any skill i now see that your beautiful paintings have given my peelers and archways a purpose and your peelers and archways have indeed made my paintings look so beautiful my paintings look so much more beautiful when outlined by your masterpieces thank you so much you are a wonderful artist and so are you it was so unbecoming of you both master artists to engage in such petty rivalry with each other don't you see when both your art forms come together what magic you create far better than the beauty of your individual work sire we are so sorry and we are ashamed of how petty we have been sire we are so sorry and we are ashamed of how petty we have been from that day the painter and carpenter admired each other's work and respected each other and became great friends just like them instead of judging and demeaning those whose abilities are different from ours if only we appreciated the good about each other and used that good to work together we would be so much happier and the world would be so much more beautiful