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violet once upon a time you know faraway land a man named Kola and yellow lived with his three daughters rose pink and violet the three of them were very pretty but violet was so beautiful that her very look was a syrup of love which cured the hearts of the holders of all unhappiness even the young Prince Marcus was mesmerized by her beauty and have him falling in love with her he made sure to pass her house every day good day violet good day Prince Marcus here's a fun fact I am smarter than you let him talk to him like that he is our prince you're an L bread creature and one day you're going to annoy the prince and get us all into trouble but violent paid no heed to them and walked away happily the sisters unhappy with her behavior made a spiteful complaint of hers to their father father was something that's hell yeah that's silly little violet thinks she is so pretty that she can even hug the Royal Prince hmm she'll get us all in trouble with a king if she behaves so disrespectfully hearing this violets father immediately came to a decision to prevent any further mischief you're going to go to your Aunt May's and live with her till you've learned how to behave properly the next day the prince came by as usual hi there I don't see violet today is she fine oh she is absolutely fine it's just the father centers who our Aunt May's house Prince Marcus nodded he had decided in his mind that he would go to meet violet at her Aunt May's house and proposed to her being the Prince that he is it didn't take him long to find violet aunt's house he walked towards it removed her ring from his pocket and smiled he knocked on the door hello ma'am I am Oh your royal highness who doesn't know you please come in how can I help Prince Marcus showed the ring to her I have to tell violet how I feel please if I can meet her once oh how wonderful violet is so lucky why don't you go to the room downstairs and I'll find a way to send her there as soon as she comes surprise her all the best aren't you the best later on what violet returned she realized that her aunt was being strangely dramatic hello my darling what took you so long oh you all right oh my sweet sweet baby um I am fine what is the matter with you what's the matter with me I am just you know what it would be great if you could get the coconut powder from downstairs my feet hurt violet immediately realized that something was going on she nodded while walking down the stairs violet saw a shadow of the prints on the wall she recognized the shadow and tiptoed carefully down and hid behind the stairs oh she's here My dear vile strange I thought I heard her coming downstairs violet where is she Oh got you Oh got you yeah know this till the end of time I am smarter than you I'm going home the next day Prince Marcus came by violets house again good day violet get de Prince I am smarter than you she hasn't learned anything at all and father can't do it we have to teach her a lesson ourselves you're right do you know about the ogress that's just started living in the woods yes Oh violet doesn't know about it since she was at Aunt May's place later that day the two slices stirrers decided to execute their plan the listen we're making father that soup that he so loves and pink will be helping me so would you go into the woods special herbs violet didn't think anything of it and happily agreed when she reached she started searching for the herbs there are so many herbs over there you scared me scared you you almost scared me huh well what are you doing in my garden I was taking the herbs that grow here and didn't know that this was your garden well I grew those herbs on my own but if you're gonna take them then you must return the favor and what is that well I don't get many visitors and since I've come here word has spread out and now no one dares visit the forest so would you bad stay with me for a day or two violet was surprised but she now knew her sisters had made a mean trick on her all right I'll stay with you you seem to be nice and I'd like to be your friend and so violet and the Olga's dined and chatted with each other quite happily the next day when the Prince visited he found only the sisters is violet in oh no she isn't well then where is she we don't know she went out last night and hasn't returned rose and paint were now feeling guilty for what they've done and were extremely worried Prince Marcus was devastated as he was returning he thought all about where violet could be what if she fell off a voyage or maybe oh that's a large footprint Oh the Oprah's what if it took boiling and so we searched the woods until he finally came to the obras home found it now how do I save her he peeped into the window and saw the Ogas and violet happily chatting with each other huh she doesn't seem scared at all so realizing that violent wasn't in any danger the Prince decided to only play a trick on violet when night came he slipped into the ogre is's home and into violets room he pinched her on her arm and hid she dusted the bed and then went back to sleep the Prince pinched her again and this time she awoke and went to sleep on the chair nearby the prince went over and pinched her again this went on for some time and as dawn approached the Prince left the place during the day a tired violet was sitting on a rock near the forest road the Prince passed by on his horse and halted good day violet good day Prince murder than you Oh the Prince rode on laughing as violent watch to gain understanding everything she went back to the Oprah's who stood there with a pair of shoes violet dear this is a gift for you the shoes are magic and will take you wherever needed oh and the bells are for decoration violet was pleased to receive the gift she thanked the Oprah's and left wearing the shoes and within seconds she was standing next to her sisters oh dear how could we do that to violet we have to find her well turn around and you will her sisters were completely shocked at seeing her they hugged and apologized profusely to her that's alright I had quite a nice time either ways that night she asked the shoes to take her to Prince Marcus's room when she appeared she found him sleeping she hid behind a huge cupboard and began stomping her feet oddly the loud stomping and jingling of the bells awoke the prince in terror Oh mother mother help me violet repeated this for some time and then wished herself away next morning Marcus decided to walk to violets house to greet her violet smiled when she saw him good day good day violet good day Prince Marcus I know more than you Oh father father flees upon hearing this the Prince soon realized that violet had played her revenge on him and he was defeated you have shown me that you really know more than I do but I need to know if I ask for your hand in marriage would you accept it violet readily agreed and soon there was a pompous marriage the Oprah's attended it too and the although a bit hard at the beginning she soon made plenty of friends the sisters had learnt their lesson that even though violet was a very tricky person she was still good at heart and that is all that is needed in a person