Romantic Stories: Queen Story with Quest in English | King Queen

Once upon a time there lived a king whose name was arcade he ruled his kingdom with love and his people were well cared for they in turn praised him to no ends you'd think that such a king would be happy but not king archday you see his majesty was strong intelligent a great ruler gee thanks for the compliments my pleasure sire but although possessing these great traits he didn't really have anyone to share his joys with and by that i mean a queen he searched the lands for a woman befitting him but none seemed to suit him well like this one why did you let her go she didn't get a single one of my jokes none of them know how to laugh or a play so what kind of queen would you like someone who likes adventure who's smart and funny you know what i mean.

I wonder when i'll find her on one such day he saw a merchant ship at the kingdom's docks he looked wistfully at it perhaps wondering of the adventures they had sailed through actually i was wondering if i should marry a pirate uh i don't think your people would be happy about that true arcade watched the sailors and soon came up with an idea sea merchants have been around the whole world maybe they'll know about a woman i may find suitable so arcade went over to the surprised merchants and put forth his question a woman worthy of you your highness.

What about princess helena from the kingdom in the far west i've heard she is very much sought after for her beauty not to mention she's a magician's daughter why hasn't she married anyone yet we have heard strange stories about how she slips away from people's hands you mean escape no i actually mean slip away i don't understand it either but that's what we've heard although a little baffled this pleased king arcade immensely i've decided to pursue princess helena wait to travel from your kingdom to hers it'll take you 10 years what and to travel back another 10 years no kidding at this news king archidae's heart sank what a terrible pickle to be in he rewarded the merchants and galloped back towards his palace thinking deeply completely lost in thought he didn't see where he was headed highness king arcade what oh where am i he had reached a field where wheat had been cultivated how magnificently golden the field looked the farmers of this land must be good in earnest king archday looked around.

He spotted four men working in the golden field when they saw him coming towards them they hardly got to their feet to whom does this field belong it belongs to us you grace we brothers belong to a humble peasant family we plow until the soil at the same time maintaining our own individual traits oh that seems interesting ask them what traits they mean i i mean please your highness so the king asked the young men to speak about their own special traits to which the eldest named edmund claims that he could build a tower tall enough to see all the world's secrets from there the second named costa said that he could build a boat that would be so fast it would overtake even the king's best ones i think this one is just boasting but it does sound impressive the third brother damien said that no creature could ever escape him for he could build any sort of tool to capture it and no matter where it fell he would always be able to hold onto it this is all so hard to believe and what about you youngan the youngest brother oral claims to be a charmer of people animals birds and whatever came his way your traits are extremely unusual to me the king looked at the floor and thought hard why this was perfect huh don't you see these men can help bring you to princess helena oh so he explained all that he wished from them to which they readily agreed the next morning the three brothers set to work the king had asked for various materials to be brought for them from the finest of stone to the most strongest of metal edmond had already started building his tower and in three days it was completed isn't that marvelous astounded at the tower he called edmund and went to find kostya.

I saw your brother building a boat of a very peculiar shape well the boat's heat builds are unlike the ones we normally see that's what makes them so special and truly when they reached the dock there was the boat that kostya had finished building it was definitely a peculiar shape and one might have even laughed at it but not the king.

 I said not the king [Applause] sorry your highness i've finished the boat good come let us get your third sibling they walked to the king's own workhouse and saw demian wielding a very interesting looking tool it looks like a gun that could shoot out nests it's better to catch than hurt whoa he is a kind young man isn't he seems to be so now edmund would you be able to see princess elena from your tower ah i've already seen her when i was about to climb down i scanned the eastern part of the world and saw the princess elena she is very beautiful but is guarded heavily from all around well that's going to be tough her father is stripped and won't allow people to easily enter his palace.

You had said 10 years to reach there if it's my boat then it should be just a week's time well that's one good news and what about you damien i can easily protect us from any harm with my machine your majesty excellent but the only problem is the guards your majesty remember i had told you i can charm almost anyone i will surely get us into the palace with ease so the next day they all sailed to the eastern kingdom true to posture's word they reached there in exactly a week's time we have to go to the palace oro oh you're such a cute little puppy oral save those charms for the princess elena yes your majesty and with that they walked to the palace where oral soon got to work the guards seemed to be flattered but i doubt they'll let us through oh look oral's pointing over here he's calling us much astonished the king and the other brothers walked through the palace gates quite normally.

Hmm this kid's amazing in this way oral charmed every guard or person they met until the group was standing right in front of the throne how have you come here where are my gods your highness we are traveling merchants who've heard of your mighty kingdom and one knows that such a kingdom must only have the best ruler oral flattered the magician in every way possible and dear me how he blushed and smiled doesn't it make you embarrassed to watch your highness huh oh i'm sorry i was a bit distracted by what oh the lovely princess helena is here and her beauty hadn't been a rumor at all she looked sharply at what was happening your highness would it be fine if we spoke to your daughter um no i mean i'm sure you're a very understanding and gentle man right the king gave way and soon oral tried charming the princess he spoke so sweetly about her eyes and her beauty that even king arcade blushed bright red but princess helena seemed unmoved young man i've had many men try to charm me and thus your ways do not impress me oh dear this shocked the brothers and the king terribly i did not see that coming now what do we do i i don't know sire look why don't you just be honest with her huh honest would that work do you have any other great ideas princess helena i'm king arcade and i've traveled all this way to court you into marriage if you would be willing.

Honesty that's something new all right i'll come with you to your kingdom see i told you it would work but you must be able to catch me oh what does that mean you'll find out later baffled at this request he bade farewell to the magician and showed the princess to his boat she got on and soon they were out of her kingdom one day out in the sea the princess suddenly came up to king archday the vast sea bores me so i've decided to go back home home but how while they stared at her dumbfounded she suddenly transformed into a swan oh no everyone panicked but demian stayed calm took his gun and aimed steadily he shot at it and out blew a net trapping the white bird inside huh why can't i see the swan.

Since she's transformed into a mouse i guess this is what she meant by catch her the moment it touched the boat demian ran after the mouse like a mad cat the princess couldn't find any place to hide so jumped off the boat she is now a fish demian swam after her down to the deep ocean and finally grabbed the fish he came up and the princess soon transformed into her normal self you seem to have caught me yes now will you stay with me yes i will come to your kingdom with you if i like you only then will i marry you if not i'll return to my kingdom huh fair enough wow you'll really have to find a way to keep her now and so they sailed all the way back to king arkades kingdom there the princess soon fell deeply in love with him and married king arcade as for the brothers well they were handsomely rewarded by the king but went back to farming as they felt that all the gold they had in their humble fields was truly enough for them.