Inspirational story: Anastasia the Princess Part 2 Story in English

You must have heard of tanzanga the safest kingdom in the world where people were happy and the days were jolly good and the nights oh the nights splendid and magical and lately they had become more star-studded and beautiful it seemed as if they were trying to convey a message to someone someone from the land they were connected to someone special help us help us anastasia the people of the kingdom are excited about the festival princess yeah yes sorry i was just is everything all right anna anastasia told michiko about her dream and how it felt so real and since the last two months.

It's coming to me every night michiko's eyes widened as he took a deep breath what is it ah i think it is time for you to know to the south of the yellow sea there is a kingdom that was once inhabited by fairies in all their glory it is called the tiara land tiara land was ruled by the fairy queen ursa under her the kingdom was truly the happiest place on earth but the evil eyes of the king of the barren lands king capto fell on it with his vast army he approached the kingdom it was then that your father king rubin came to their rescue and drove capto's army away father yes,

Then what happened thankfully queen ursa blessed your mother who at that time was expecting you and when you were born you had the same constellation mark under your eyes just like the fairy queen but when boris took over tenzonga capto sees the opportunity he made a plan to attack queen ursa this time not just with his army but with a more evil plan he decided to take advantage of the coming solar eclipse a solar eclipse all the fairies derived their strength from queen ursa and queen ursa derives her strength from the stars our sun is the nearest star and during a solar eclipse ursa becomes powerless hey her wand was taken away and she was locked in a cage far away from the kingdom with her gone all the fairies became powerless and then it didn't take time for the evil dictator to take over the kingdom we need to help her that is why she is reaching out to you but i must warn you anna the road to her is filled with danger reaching her is not easy i do not like easy master and so that night michiko gave her a detailed brief on the map of tiara land and the outskirts.

Where ursa was kept thank you master i shall now ask for your leave please look after the kingdom and i will be back soon hey yo why don't i see your eyes shutting eh yeah that oughta teach him a lesson huh what just looking for a friend huh who are you don't you know this is king captos if i see you or any of your king's pawns troubling these innocent beings i swear to the sun you will never see it again now run and tell your king that his days are numbered who are you asia oh i've heard about you you are super asia are you here to save us look she's got the same mark under her eyes just like our queen listen i need your help inform all the fairies too i should keep moving now bye whoa i want to be like her me too me too at the crack of dawn anastasia reached the outskirts of tiara land and it is there that the first challenge awaited her the boulder giant who are you what do you want i want you to move out of the way so that i could be on my way only if you can answer a question this is easier than i thought yep sure go ahead are you mocking me no sir i am not all right tell me this the more you take the more you leave behind what is it the more you take the more you leave behind what can it be i've come all the way here only to not be able to answer a riddle after coming so far wait a minute i got it i got it um the answer is steps the more you take the more you leave behind all right you may pass and so the boulder giant moved from the way sayonara after walking for some time she suddenly felt the earth move under her feet and before she could realize she was hanging in the air upside down suspended from the rope okay this is not good how did i do that suddenly the mark under her eyes started to glow anastasia understood.

That she was almost there she ran and finally came upon the edge of a pit it wasn't any pit but a pit full of fire on the other side of it there was a cage anastasia couldn't quite see who was inside it but knew that it must be queen ursa the problem was that there was no bridge to move to the other side what do i do it can't be anastasia can manipulate fire anastasia you heard my cool i am so proud of you we don't have much time we need to reach the kingdom as soon as possible the fairies must have stupefied all the guards by now with the potioned wine we must reach soon and attack capto all right meanwhile king captain was unaware that outside his courtroom all his guards were fast asleep i now intend on capturing tangzonga heard it's a beautiful kingdom and i love turning beautiful kingdoms into shambles yes my lord but what about the vigilante who attacked our soldiers shouldn't you be concerned ah no way you take care of that i have better things to do i want to capture tanzonga you absolutely should although i have heard that their ruler is a very powerful princess the princess anastasia a princess is it the same princess who tricked boris oh well treachery is an art i have mastered when i was a ursa ursa how are you here guards um say that again treachery is an art you have what who are you guards mojoni what is happening/

My lord she is the one who princess anastasia you will have it from me you really think princesses are weak and delicate time to reevaluate our thoughts oh please you cannot do me any harm i have versus magic wand and you will never be able to find it you mean this how how did you get this look captcha all your guards are passed out when a ruler is corrupt it doesn't take much time for his administration to fall there is embrace and so the fairies found their magic back captor was put in a cave and sent to the same place where he had put queen ursa magic and love was restored in tiara land as ursa took over the throne again the fairies cheered for her but more than their queen they cheered for their savior princess anastasia asia asia asia super asia super asia thank you anna thank you for everything you do not have to thank me it's my duty and we are connected yes we are connected by the sun but i must tell you honor you're very powerful you must learn to harness all your powers and know about your abilities well right now i better go back to my people everything else can wait and thus the happy days were back in tiara land tanzanga rejoiced as their princess was back that night the sky put on an extravagant show as thousands of paper lanterns were released into the sky while the shooting stars in the backdrop complemented them.